Business Modernisation

Any business operating for more than 5 years (give or take), whether it’s a nonstartup or digitally born, is dragging a ball and chain of legacy solutions. Legacy solutions are a technology debt that can limit competitiveness and success as a business.

Where technical debt exists, you will typically find a combination of the following problems:

  1. Risk
  2. Bottlenecks to business flow
  3. A burning fire

What we Offer

At Synnepho we work with you to create a plan that will deliver on your business objectives and reduce/eliminate any of the above problems. We have a standard set of work packages that we can follow. The following is an example:

  1. Business consultancy to clearly understand and document the problem(s) and business objectives.
  2. IT audit, discovery and report.
  3. Recommendation report – proposal.
  4. Design and Implementation.
  5. Operate, monitor and manage.
  6. Ongoing review, need for change, innovate and emerging technologies.

A continued partnership with Synnepho will see us cycle through steps 3 to 6 on an ongoing basis to maintain peak performance for your business.

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