Modernise your business with SD-WAN

In the last few years, SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) has matured to become the preferred branch office connectivity solution. An SD-WAN setup offers increased flexibility, increased security, reduced costs and often improved visibility of your network.

Some of the key benefits of SD-WAN are:

  1. Replace or reduce costly private links (such as, MPLS) with higher bandwidth Internet links.
  2. Select your carrier services that offer the best value and service for each respective location, independently of any other branch location. You don’t need to be locked into any specific carrier or link type.
  3. MPLS can still be included as part of the carrier technology mix when and if required. There may be cases where MPLS is still preferred.
  4. Greater flexibility and deployment speed with cloud OnRamp.
  5. Improve performance of native cloud (SaaS) applications.
  6. Extend connectivity to smaller sites previously too expensive to do so.
  7. Secure transmission of information over the SD-WAN tunnel paths.

What we Offer

At Synnepho we work with you to create a plan that will deliver on your SD-WAN business objectives. We can design and implement a fit for purpose SD-WAN solution for your business. We can also provide on-going day-to-day management of your network. 

Synnepho can help your business in several ways:

  1. Our staff have decades of experience with networking technology with the highest certifications acquired over many years. You gain access to experienced, qualified specialists with a strong record of providing high-quality IT solutions.
  2. Business consultancy to clearly understand and document the business objectives for WAN connectivity. We listen carefully to your business requirements, challenges and business objects.
  3. IT audit, discovery and report.
  4. Recommendation report – proposal. We work with you to provide a suitable solution that is fit for purpose.
  5. Design, Implementation and handover. We can then design, implement and provide carriage options for the solution.
  6. Operate, monitor and manage. After implementation we can operate, monitor and manage the solution if you choose to.
  7. We can also provide regular annual (or as required) reviews as a health check and provide updates with emerging technologies.

For more information contact Synnepho for a candid no obligation discussion and potentially pro-bono pre-sales “fit for purpose” evaluation.