Managed Services

What is Managed Services

Managed Services is referring to the practice of delivering ongoing SLA (Service Level Agreement)-based services for one or several IT products. This is different than the practice of delivering one-time (ad-hoc or Break/Fix) professional or technical services.

With Managed Services, the customer delegates responsibility of maintaining IT solutions or other business practices to a third-party who anticipates the need for a range of processes and functions related to the solution with the intent to improve operations and deliver business outcomes.

There are a range of benefits that come with engaging the services of a Managed Services Provider. You get access to trained IT professionals, all committed to ensuring the seamless operation of your IT environment. We monitor your environment down to the end user computers. We keep your network and end user computers up to date with software patching and protected against malicious attackers with enterprise grade Cybersecurity software. This includes monitoring for any performance issues, vulnerabilities and potential security threats for which we can engage immediately in effort to reduce or eliminate any potential harm to your business.

How Much does it Cost

The technology mix and complexity of a business’s infrastructure influences the pricing of Managed IT Services. Companies with more complicated infrastructures will need a higher-level of support, resulting in higher costs than those with simpler infrastructures. Pricing models we typically use vary based on what best fits for the customer. These can be based on the following examples:

  1. User/Device Per Month: This model is often the easiest to understand and quantify for customers. It’s an opportunity for customers to predictably manage costs. Using this model, businesses enjoy the benefits of a fixed rate per user or per device per month for a standard set of services. This cost varies from $50 to about $300 per month per user or endpoint. SLA applies. Services can be scaled up or down by adding or subtracting a User/Device.
  2. Flat Rate: In this model we agree on a set of services which we monitor and manage on your behalf. A flat rate is charged per month for these agreed set of services against an SLA.  With a flat rate pricing model, IT costs stay predictable and stable. Services can be scaled up or down by adding or subtracting to the service scope.
  3. Break/Fix (Adhoc): This is based on an hourly rate for each service request that is attended to by one of our technicians. There is no ongoing monitoring or mangement of your environment and service is not based on any SLA.
  4. Block Hours:  This is similar to the “Break/Fix” model. However, because a block of hours have been purchased up front, the hourly rate is discounted for up to the number of hours purchased.
  5. Hybrid:  This model is a combination of options 1 or 2 blended with either 3 or 4.

What components can we Manage and Monitor

We can monitor any device which can respond to SNMP or any computers we can apply our agent software. However, we will only “manage” devices/technology with which we have expertise. 3rd party monitored devices can still be monitored and alerted upon to gather historical information.

Details of IT components we can manage and monitor are listed below.

Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management, is were we monitor and manage end user computers. We monitor the computers for performance, operating system and software patching, remote troubleshooting, assistance and managing with printing issues and more. We also provide enterprise grade Cybersecurity protection software and monitor the computers for potential threats and taking action immediately in effort to prevent or reduce harm to your business. The CyberSecurity software protects the end user computer whilst on a LAN or when mobile.

Services can include:

  1. Service desk
  2. Onsite and remote technical support
  3. System monitoring and maintenance
  4. Patch management
  5. Software updates and upgrades
  6. Hardware installation and upgrades
  7. Cyber Security
  8. Cloud Services (Microsoft 365, Azure, etc)
  9. Backup and Restore
  10. Telephony
  11. Printer management

Managed Secure Firewall

If you run a small business with one or more Internet connected firewall appliance but lack the internal expertise to effectively oversee such a complex device, Synnepho is here to help. For the security conscious business, we eliminate the burden of handling various tasks including: managing the Internet ISP, securing the perimeter to the Internet, and implementing Threat Prevention measures. We will ensure you get maximum value from your firewall investment. 

In addition we:

  • Continuously monitor the service for performance, availability, and unexpected service issues
  • Change Management
  • Liaise with your ISP (if required)
  • Ensure your firewall remain up to date with software and licensing
  • Report any anomalies and suspicious activity 

Managed Enterprise Networks

We offer comprehensive management services for both your entire LAN and WAN.

This includes the following:  

  • Device Monitoring: options for only monitoring and alerting or an SLA based fully managed enterprise network service.  Devices can be, routers, switches, wireless access points and controllers, Servers. Basically any devices which is cable of responding to SNMP.
  • Documentation Management: create (if there is no existing), and maintain detailed records as required with pertinent network infrastructure changes. 
  • Change Management: collaborate with your team to ensure we comply with your change management procedures. 
  • Technical Support: Vendor and Telecommunications provider liaison. 
  • Ensuring your devices are up to date with software and licensing. 
  • Support you with any compliance requirements. 

Managed Secure WAN/SD-WAN

With the extensive knowledge and expertise offered by our team at Synnepho, SDWAN is one of our key specialty services! Let us take care of your secure connection(s) to your branches, datacentre(s), and Cloud. SDWAN offers key benefits, some more important to businesses than others.

The key benefits are:

  • Reduced WAN OPEX and CAPEX: typically occurs as a result of opting for business-grade Internet services for data traffic, as opposed to costly private links like MPLS/VPN, VPLS, and others. This cost reduction is also facilitated by the more efficient and scalable monitoring and management of SDWAN environments.  
  • Optimised Link Utilisation: a true SDWAN topology requires a minimum of two carriage links. Prior to SDWAN, branch or campus locations with two links often struggled to fully utilise both connections efficiently. This approach was neither effective nor intelligent, frequently leading to one link being under-utilised despite its presence of enhanced resilience.  
  • Application Performance: SaaS applications benefit from direct Internet breakout for campus and branch offices, rather than routing traffic through the WAN and out an Internet service at the datacentre or ISP point of presence (POP).  
  • High Availability: multiple links reduce downtime 
  • Zero or One Touch provisioning 
  • Application Visibility and Control 
  • Increased Security: SDWANs can be seamlessly integrated with modern cloud-based security solutions, with Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) options often available as optimal security integrations.  
  • Network-Segmentation: Network virtualisation provides increased security benefits when catering for traffic from IOT and guest devices to name a couple. 

Our Managed Service will:

  • Augment the monitoring service provided from SDWAN visual Dashboard(s). We are equipped to provide a fully managed enterprise network service based on SLAs.  
  • Establish comprehensive documentation and keep it updated to reflect relevant network infrastructure changes. 
  • Collaborate on change management with your team to ensure alignment with your procedures. We can also help you create a change management process if required. 
  • Provide Technical Support and act as a liaison with telecommunications providers and equipment vendors. 
  • Ensure devices remain current with the latest software and licensing updates. 
  • Assist with meeting any industry compliance requirements. 

Network as a Service

Next-Generation Wired and Wireless Access Networks. It organisations no longer have to carry the burden of legacy wired and wireless networking products as they embrace as-a-service consumption. It’s time to bring the principles of the cloud to the enterprise edge.

“Wired and wireless networks delivered as a service (NaaS) should present a transparent infrastructure model, similar to the cloud. Thereby making the device models and topologies behind the scenes irrelevant as long as they meet the business outcome and SLA requirements.”


Gartner recognises our solution as an attempt to disrupt the legacy, box-focused, enterprise market with a specifically designed service offering.

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Infrastructure Monitoring and Alerting Service

Our services encompass thorough device and application monitoring and alerting, leveraging contemporary cloud-based services and Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM). We grant you access to a portal that offers complete visibility into what’s being monitored, providing real-time and historical data available for each monitored device. With this service, your business has the option to autonomously manage your environment without the need to oversee the monitoring platform. Alternatively, Synnepho can assist you with troubleshooting and remediating identified issues.  

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