Managed Services

Managed Secure Next Generation Firewall

With the increased usage and dependency of public cloud based digital services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, XaaS), the need for security has never been higher. For the security conscious business we eliminate the burden of having to manage the Internet carriage, securing the perimeter to the Internet, implementing Threat Prevention measures,  monitoring the service for performance and availability and unexpected service issues.

Managed Enterprise Networks

We can manage your entire LAN and WAN. This includes the following:

  • Device monitoring
  • Change Management. We work with your team to ensure we comply with your change management process.
  • Technical Support and Telecommunications provider liaison.

Managed WAN/SD-WAN

With the vast knowledge and experience offered by our team, SD-WAN is one of our key specialty services. Let us take care of your secure connection(s) to your branches, datacentre(s), AWS, Azure, Google and common SaaS offerings. SD-WAN offers key benefits of which some are more important to businesses than others. The key benefits are:

  • Reduced WAN OPEX and CAPEX. This typically occurs as a result of using business grade Internet services for data traffic as opposed to expensive private links, such as, MPLS/VPN, VPLS, or other.
  • Efficient utilisation of multiple links. A true SD-WAN topology requires a minimum of two carriage links. Prior to SD-WAN, branch or campus locations with two links found it difficult if not impossible to truely utilise the capacity of both links. It was certainly not efficient or intelligent. Often one of the two links had little to no utilisation but was required for the sake of increased resiliency.
  • Application performance. SaaS applications benefit from direct Internet breakout for campus and branch offices, rather than having the traffic backhauled through the WAN and out an Internet service at the datacentre or ISP POP.
  • High Availability. Having multiple links reduces downtime.
  • Zero or One Touch provisioning.
  • Application Visibility and Control.
  • Increased security and micro-segmentation.

Managed Cloud Connect

Businesses will consume Internet based SaaS applications or require secure access to Cloud Providers environments, such as VPCs (AWS & GPC) and VNETs (Azure). These are made possible via a number of available methods.

Infrastructure Monitoring Service

We offer a comprehensive device monitoring solution which is entirely manged by us. We provide you a window into what is being monitored with full visibility into the status, real-time, and historical data available for each monitored device.

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