Network and Infrastructure Review

Business networks often expand in unexpected and unplanned ways, leading to a loss of visibility over IT assets and the complexities of the IT environment. Additionally, businesses might unknowingly or consciously manage through technical debt.

This lack of clarity raises several critical questions:  

  • Is the network operating optimally?  
  • Are you operating end of life equipment in critical network areas? 
  • Are you overpaying for network carriage? 
  • Is there unnecessary spending on unused software and licensing? 
  • Is software kept up to date and away from critical vulnerabilities?  
  • Are your equipment configurations correct and secure?
  • Do you have an accurate inventory of equipment?
  • Do you have any security gaps? 
  • Is your wireless network optimised?

A common issue is not knowing what is on your network and the roles and activities of each device, endpoint, and server. Managing through technical debt has its own disadvantages, such as:

  • vulnerabilities (cyber security issues)
  • operational inefficiencies
  • capacity constraints throtting business efficiency or process flow
  • vendor support issues
  • increased hardware failures
  • lack of competitiveness because of non performant IT infrastructure

Synnepho’s Audit and Review process thoroughly explores your environment and provides a detailed report encapsulating the discoveries made. This report serves multiple functions, including enhancing ongoing technical support and facilitating strategic planning to align with desired target states and overarching business objectives.

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small to medium-sized business, Synnepho can collaborate with your stakeholders to develop a fit-for-purpose target state network and infrastructure architecture, design, implementation, and ongoing management if required. We work closely with your business stakeholders to ensure technology and design choices align with business requirements, guiding you through a prioritized set of activities and projects.

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