Network and Infrastructure Review

It’s quite common for business networks to expand in unexpected, unknown, and uncharted ways. Consequently, businesses often find themselves in a situation where they’ve lost track of their IT assets and the intricate workings of their IT environment.

This lack of clarity raises several critical questions 

  • Is the network operating optimally?  
  • Are you operating end of life equipment in critical network areas? 
  • Are you overpaying for network carriage? 
  • Is there unnecessary spending on unused software and licensing? 
  • Is software kept up to date and away from susceptible vulnerabilities?  
  • Are your equipment configurations correct and secure? 
  • Do you have any security gaps?  

The most common issue is not knowing what is on your network and the roles and activities of each device, endpoint, server, etc.  

Synnepho’s Audit and Review process serves the purpose of conducting a thorough exploration of your environment and furnishing a detailed report that encapsulates the discoveries made. This report serves multiple functions, including enhancing and facilitating ongoing technical support. It can also be utilized as an integral component in the strategic planning process, enabling alignment with desired target states, all while considering overarching strategic business objectives. 

Synnepho can work together with your business to develop a fit for purpose target state network and infrastructure design, based on the current and/or future business requirements. 

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