Professional Services

Enterprise Network Consulting

Many businesses often lack the necessary personnel or technical expertise to effectively manage their network infrastructure. To address this, we seamlessly integrate with your business, taking on this responsibility as if we were an internal part of your team. With a wealth of experience in network consulting, our solutions are driven by a core principle: “Given a known set of requirements, what’s the best solution for the customer today, with consideration for future trends.”

Our approach is customer-centric, prioritizing your needs above all else. We bypass marketing hype and rigorously evaluate the potential outcomes of any proposed solution against your specific goals. We understand the impracticality of providing tools that customers may never use or lack the time and interest to engage with. Instead, we focus on delivering practical, effective solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Our Network Consulting practice includes the following:

  • Advisory and Strategic Planning.
  • Network Audit/Review Reports.
  • Network Infrastructure Documentation.
  • Network Design.
  • Network Implementation
  • Network Optimization Recommendations.
  • Network Troubleshooting.
  • Wireless Network Assessments.
  • Wireless Surveys.
  • Datacentre Design.
  • Datacentre Migration.
  • Office Migration.
  • Adhoc Technical Support.

Office Relocation

Moving office can be a painful and disruptive process. Rest assured, we provide the expertise and dedicated personnel necessary to oversee all IT-related aspects of your office relocation, striving to ensure a smooth and successful transition.  

Our comprehensive IT relocation services include:

  • Co-ordinating all Carrier Services 
  • Liaising with any Internal Teams and External Third parties 
  • Project Management 
  • Data Cabling  
  • Computer Room Fit Outs 
  • Computer/Server Room Relocation 
  • PC/Workstation Relocation and Roll-out 
  • Prototyping New Workstation Set-up 
  • Asset Management and Barcode Tagging 
  • SOE Imaging  

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