Professional Services

Enterprise Network Consulting

Many businesses, do not have the staff with the capacity or technical experience to perform certain tasks regarding the network infrastructure. We partner with you as an extension to your business to eliminate this burden for you. Our depth in the area of network consulting is immense. Our attitude to all solutions is, “Given a known set of requirements what’s the best solution for the customer today with forethought on what we know is trending”. That is, ignoring all the marketing fluff, we put the customer first and analyse the potential outcome of any given solution against the customers desired outcome given the customers capability set. There is no point giving the customer tools, they are never going to use and/or simply don’t have the time or interest to manage. Our Network Consulting practice includes the following:

  • Advisory and Strategic Planning.
  • Network Audit/Review Reports.
  • Network infrastructure documentation.
  • Network Design.
  • Network Optimization Recommendations.
  • Network Troubleshooting.
  • Datacentre Design.
  • Datacentre Migration.
  • Office migration.
  • Network Automation.

Cloud Networking and Integration

An organisation’s public cloud environment brings it’s own challenges. Most, if not all organisations need to adhere to a set of compliance requirements. Despite the inherent features of the major public cloud providers, setting up for scale and resiliency can bring it’s own set of challenges as well.

We can work with your business  team(s) and IT staff to formulate a plan, design, deliver, integrate and support your cloud environment for you. We can then continue to work with and support your IT Infrastructure and development team(s).

Cloud Network Infrastructure Migration Consulting

Many customers that have traditional on-premise or datacentre facilities want to take advantage of Cloud based hosting arrangements, as offered by AWS, Google, Azure and others. However, this can easily be a costly and sometimes failed exercise if not done efficiently and appropriately. Poor design choices can lead to pain which becomes evident after the next few monthly bills arrive and/or application performance suffers because of inappropriate sizing. Synnephos Cloud Migration Consults will guide you through this process using our structured strategic approach based on best practice and experience.

Carriage Services

We partner with a number of Telecommunications Carriers to bring you the best value and fit for purpose private or Internet connectivity possible. We liaise with the carriers to save your from all the pain of negotiating and sifting through the technical jargon. We work with you to understand the business goals and objectives. We then drive negotiations and offer the best solution attainable.

Business Telephony

We have partnerships with Carriers to migrate and support you to highly scalable, Enterprise featured hosted Telephony platforms. There is no need to maintain on-premise server hardware, software, licensing, keeping up to date with patches and all the other burdens that come with an on-premise solution. Allow us to guide you to a highly flexible solution that is fit for purpose and be there to support you every step of the way.

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