our promise

When working with your organisation, we view ourselves as an extension of your IT staff. We acknowledge the trust you’ve placed in our skills, transparency, and dedication to assisting your business towards achieving its goals. Our commitment to our customers is of utmost importance to us, recognising that you, as our valued client, are the driving force behind our business. We grow by honouring our promises to our customers and continually earning their loyalty through our honesty, integrity, communication, commitment, and results.

Once you become a Synnepho customer, you will question why you ever worked with anyone else.  

We will:

  • Always conduct our work prioritising safety and/or risk(s). If there is the smallest doubt regarding safety or identifiable risks, we will promptly investigate the nature of the concern and take action to address.  
  • Keep our promise to our customers, always behaving with integrity 
  • Offer high-quality products and services at fair prices 
  • Offer high-quality products and services that are fit for purpose 
  • Only offer services within which we are best in the market