Our Story

Synnepho is a privately owned Australian Information Technology Consultancy. Our primary mission is to assist businesses in managing their IT environment, enabling them to concentrate on business growth and customer satisfaction. The Synnepho team have extensive expertise, with decades of collective experience in the IT industry, spanning a wide scope of technology areas. The organisation was formed to bring together these significant experiences and offer high end engineering services, emphasising innovation, to empower modern Australian businesses with a competitive advantage.  

Our primary focus lies in facilitating seamless connectivity to all services, including cloud, onsite and secure Internet. To help your business achieve this, we possess significant and deep experience with managing customer Wide Area Networks and associated datacentre, campus, and branch office LANs. As technology has evolved, Synnepho has combined its wealth of networking and systems integration experience to offer a specific selection of top-tier Managed Services. We only offer services in which we are best in market. 

Public cloud platforms have revolutionised the landscape for reducing infrastructure management overheads, cost of innovation and rapid development cycles. Synnepho’s primary objective is to alleviate these challenges for any business that requires secure connectivity to any public cloud service, by offering a fit for purpose managed solution.